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One To One Workshop

Sometimes, despite all our care, support and attention as parents, our children are not as confident and assertive as we would like them to be.

We at ‘Conquering Life’ have devised a specific one to one programme with the slightly more fragile/shy individual in mind, designed to effectively boost your child’s confidence levels and raise his/her self-esteem.

By the end of this programme, we hope to have your child able, ready and eager to join one of our Ninja Clubs in a group of six.

Our one to one programme is designed as a six weeks course that is held at weekly intervals and each session lasts around 60 minutes.

All relevant literature and a working manual will be provided, and at the end of the course, the trainee will be provided with a well-earned certificate of completion in ‘psychological awareness and emotional resilience’.

Our one to one programme will first begin by teaching individuals all about self-esteem and confidence – what they mean, where they come from, why we need to have high levels of them and what happens when we don’t.

Next, we will introduce your child to the concept of ‘locus of control’ – our sense of power and capability, and give them a deeper understanding of what it means and the role it plays within our lives.

We are also going to work on developing tools that will help them not only find more awareness, but cultivate a more internal locus of control and higher sense of personal power, and raise their self esteem.

Once we have learned all of the above, we will learn and master the ‘Windows of Perception Processing Technique’ – an effective technique formulated to effect change in a positive way that ensures the individual is able to filter any negative belief they hold and question its substance, ascertaining whether real or imagined.

This technique is also designed to help individuals process any and all incoming information in an internal and positive way, by interpreting events and experiences as such and in a focused and deliberate way, and this process strengthens connections and creates new neural pathways, as defined by the latest neuroplasticity research and findings.

The ‘Windows of Perception Processing Technique’ makes this achievable by meeting the ten core principles demanded by our brain to rewire our neural pathways and create a shift in any and every negative thought, emotion, perspective, belief and behaviour.

Repetition of this exercise over time will help the individual to rewire any established unhelpful neural pathways, create new ones and create more beneficial automatic response modes.

Finally, we conclude with structured daily exercises lasting the six weeks duration of the programme, designed to achieve the following goals for any individual, regardless of age:

  • Increased self-esteem
  • Improved self-image
  • Increased internality
  • Sharpened clarity of perception
  • Increased confidence in one’s ability
  • Improved positive/helpful processing faculties
  • Increased resilience
  • Positive outlook on life instilled
  • Positive and permanent change facilitated

These exercises have been created to help your child develop an internal sense of power and trust in their ability to deal with difficulties in life…

Within this programme, your child will be provided with all the training, insight, skills and support necessary to help them to effectively raise their self-esteem and confidence to a very high level and enable them to achieve great success in six weeks.

Pay as you go – £75 per session (1 x session in advance).
Pay for full course – £350 (6 x sessions).


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