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We at ‘Conquering Life’ are psychological and emotional life coaches, assisting people of all ages and walks of life in making light work of conquering every aspect of their lives, by gaining profound self-awareness, clarity and crucial life skills.

Promoting respect for human rights, and extending those rights to all forms of life on this planet, is a core purpose of, and identifies us, as an organisation.

But our concerns that we are fighting against a tide progressively grow. We are witnessing a much bigger flood of endless and inevitable negative outcomes impacting us as a society. These terrible events and outcomes are, in the main, manifesting because of the very systems we ourselves as societies have put in place and pursue today.

The individualistic pursuit of growth and happiness, exercised for millennia, has had a devastating effect on our lives, planet and possibly all forms of life on it.

We believe that psychology owes society a debt long overdue.

For far too long has psychology been used as an effective tool to manipulate our thinking, our feelings and emotions, our desires and aspirations and this has inevitably lead to the current state of our lives as a result.

Sadly, the guilty are not only the greedy unscrupulous individuals and businesses. Whole industries, institutions and even governments have made common practice of such methods.


Growing inequality and an ever-increasing gap between the social/economic classes, with poverty constantly on the increase…

Poverty – ‘UK Poverty 2017’ highlights that overall, 14 million people live in poverty in the UK – over one in five of the population. This is made up of eight million working age adults, four million children and 1.9 million pensioners. 8 million of those in poverty live in families where at least one person is in work.

Homelessness – more than 300,000 people in Britain – equivalent to one in every 200 are officially recorded as homeless or living in inadequate homes, according to figures released by the charity shelter. They stated that the figures were an underestimate as they did not include people trapped in so-called “hidden homelessness”, who have nowhere to live but are not recorded as needing housing assistance and end up “sofa surfing”.

Gender inequality – the UK is now among the worst performing EU states on improvements to gender equality, Britain has made zero progress in tackling inequality between the sexes in the past decade and lags behind Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands and France in the EU’s latest gender equality league table.

Education – is facing evermore growing challenges. The unknown impact of Brexit on the education system and the recruitment of teachers, the need for the capacity to respond to the increase in pupil numbers with the growing deficit in teacher recruitment are happening at a time when budget cuts seem to be the only available course of action for the government to balance the books.

Child abuse – child abuse is prevalent today, with 1 in 20 children in the UK reported to have been sexually abused. Over 2,900 children were identified as needing protection from sexual abuse in 2015/16. Over 90% of sexually abused children were abused by someone they knew. One in three children sexually abused by an adult did not tell anyone. Around a third of sexual abuse is committed by other children and young people.
There were over 9000 counselling sessions with children and young people who talked to childline about sexual abuse in 2016/17.

Our psychological and emotional health…

Mental and emotional disorders – highest rates of mental disorders reported across all ages and throughout our societies, including problems arising from alcoholism, drug abuse, substance use, psychosis, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and suicide.

According to a systematic review of data and statistics from EU countries Iceland, Norway and Switzerland: 27% of the adult population (aged 18–65) had experienced at least one or more of a series of mental disorders in the past year.

An enormous human toll of ill health, with an estimated 83 million people being affected, not even counting the under 18’s or over 65’s, groups that are at particular risk. With rates for women reported to be significantly higher as compared to those for men, except for substance abuse disorders.

An estimated 804,000 suicide deaths occurred worldwide in 2012, representing an annual global age-standardized suicide rate of 11.4 per 100,000 population, according to the most recent data available from the 2014 WHO report “Preventing Suicide: A Global Imperative”.

Suicide accounts for 17.6% of all deaths among young adults aged 15-29 in high-income countries. It is ranked the second leading cause of death globally, and in Europe, among this age group. Moreover, 90% of suicides can be attributed to mental illness in high-income countries and 22% of all suicides are linked to alcohol use.


We think it is quite clear that solutions need to be found, and quickly.

We at ‘Conquering Life’, take the view that waiting for government underfunded, poorly managed systems with little to no effect is not the answer, as the statistics demonstrate. Neither is waiting for some kind of instantaneous, fundamental revolution, as we are far too “civilised” here in UK…

So, change is vital in every aspect of our lives, our value systems, our thinking, and with it our aspirations and goals. But change takes time, just as in evolution. We need to introduce awareness at all levels, train, educate and empower at the grass roots.

The answers for us, lies in internal thinking. We believe that we can no longer afford to continue as victims to our circumstances and our environment. We must all begin to take active and engaged responsibility for the state of the world in which we live and share with all, if we are to make the necessary changes to save ourselves, our fellow life forms and the planet that sustains us.

As individual humans, we need to learn to stand up and take responsibility, to extend ourselves beyond the boundaries of our individuality, and take residence in the larger than self-seat and feel the energy and bond that exists between us all.

We must learn to recognise, identify and promote the good in ourselves and in each other.

We must all learn to think, care, and move as one, to save humanity and life on this planet, no matter how different we are.


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